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The Freedom of Thought Report is made freely available for use by all on this website.

You can read the introductory and interpretive material at:

See the Country Index for all country chapters in the Online Edition.

In addition we make available a “Key Countries” edition to download. This may be useful if you particularly want to read the introductory material in PDF form, or to print copies locally. The Key Countries Edition contains only a small number of select countries. We do not produce a PDF of the entire contents of the Online Edition which would run to several hundred pages.

Download the Key Countries edition (PDF)

Please do not re-host the downloadable PDF. Instead, please link to this page for downloads to ensure that visitors get the latest version.

Please feel free to quote the report, with common-sense referencing: attributing Humanists International as the publisher and Freedom of Thought Report as the source including the link Please email [email protected] to discuss any aspect of the report, including republication of longer extracts such as full country entries, or to suggest additions or corrections.

Up to 2018 the publisher was named as “International Humanist and Ethical Union”. We changed our trading name in 2019 to Humanists International.

Humanists International is an accredited NGO (non-government organization) at the United Nations, where for example we regularly confront flagrant abuses by states such as Saudi Arabia, have given voice to the victims of anti-atheist persecution, and work with others to champion other vital human rights issues. We work for the growth and development of Humanist member organizations globally, and support progressive, humanist initiatives. Donate today to support our work including the Freedom of Thought Report and human rights advocacy.

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Open data

The boundary conditions applied to each country, as well as “blasphemy” and “apostasy” laws status and ranking calculations, are available in our Open Data. Note that the statuses are derived from the detailed considerations in the narrative report for each country, for which see the full Country Index.

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