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Here you can submit your testimony, data, or expert analysis on freedom of religion or belief violations in a given country. Such submissions must be intended for inclusion in the Freedom of Thought Report.

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If you cannot use the form then you may instead email [email protected]. If using this route, please be sure that your are familiar with the format of the Freedom of Thought report, and to include in your email all relevant information about who you are and which organisation you represent.

Submission guidelines

In compiling the Freedom of Thought report, Humanists International invites organizations and individuals around the world to provide examples of discrimination or persecution against atheists, humanists and the non-religious.

These examples may consist of discriminatory laws and government policies, or they may be cases of the persecution of individuals because of their non-religious beliefs.

Many kinds of discrimination

Examples of persecution include laws that punish individuals for atheism or for criticizing religion. But we also report on less blatant forms of discrimination against the non-religious, such as government support for religion that places the non-religious at a disadvantage. For example, we might include government funding of religious schools that inculcate a particular religious ideology in students (at taxpayer expense) and also discriminate against the non-religious in hiring staff and admitting students.

In addition we report on restrictions on freedom of conscience, belief and expression that may not target the non-religious more than the religious, but which nonetheless impact secular people by restricting the human rights to freedom of thought and freedom of expression. For example, countries that punish individuals for criticising the government are clearly denying freedom of thought and expression.

Bottom line: We report both systematic discrimination and examples of individuals who fall victim to it. There are many kinds of discrimination, including laws which privilege religion, or which specifically target or exclude the non-religious, or which are detrimental to everyone’s rights (including both the religious and the non-religious).

Do provide detail

In all cases, we need as much detail as you can provide, especially details of the specific law being cited.  We also appreciate links to supporting material, such as media reports or legal documents. The supporting material makes it easier for us to dig a little deeper into cases and also to substantiate all the claims that we make in the report.

If the only information you can provide is a news article you read, then that may still be very useful to us.

Bottom line: There’s no such thing as too much information. We can always cut it down to size. We seek to provide accurate, substantiated information in the finished report.

Stay in touch

We also appreciate, but don’t require, your own contact details, so that we can follow up with any questions. Your name and contact information will be kept in confidence and never publicized, exchanged or given away by Humanists International without your explicit permission.

Look at the previous reports

Please refer to past reports on the country you are reporting on, to check if we have already covered the issue. We will want to hear about any new developments, but you don’t want to waste your time providing information we already have.

You may also want to read the report to get a clearer sense of the kinds of cases we report on, and the type of information we include in those reports.

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