The Freedom of Thought Report is a unique worldwide survey of discrimination and persecution against humanists, atheists and the non-religious published by Humanists International. The Report contains an entry for every country in the world. 

The Report is updated on a rolling basis by the team at Humanists International, with the support of our Members and Associate Members around the world. Our aim is to update 40 countries each year on average and to continue to publish a “Key Countries” edition. 

The Report serves as a vital tool for local and international activists to lobby governments for change, providing the evidence needed to make reliable and authoritative claims. Each year, the launch is widely covered internationally, providing coverage in the media that would rarely happen otherwise; opening the door for conversation on a topic all too easily ignored.

In 2017 the Freedom of Thought Report was cited by the then UN Special Rapporteur on Freedom of Religion or Belief in his inaugural report. Our Report was the only civil society publication to be cited in this way: a measure of its uniqueness and importance. The Report is increasingly cited in discussion of non-religious rights under ‘freedom of religion or belief’.

Humanists International is a registered charity and non-governmental organization (NGO). We rely on the contributions we receive from our Members and supporters to continue our vital campaigning and advocacy work, including research on the Freedom of Thought Report

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If you are interested in becoming a strategic funding partner for the Freedom of Thought Report, please contact [email protected]. With additional funding, we could employ a dedicated member of staff to coordinate the report, increasing the number of updates we make each year and therefore its impact.

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