Last Updated 29 November 2016

With a constitution that protects free speech and expression, Monaco also provides constitutionally protected freedom of and from religion although it does have Roman Catholicism as its official state religion.

Systemic Discrimination
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Free and Equal

Constitution and government

Article 2 of the constitution dictates that Monaco is a hereditary and constitutional monarchy. Article 9 states that “The Catholic, Apostolic and Roman religion is the religion of the State”. Article 23 makes clear the rights of being free to practice any or no religion.

Education and children’s rights

Monaco has ten state funded schools and while Religious Education is included in the curriculum parents can opt for their children to be removed from RE classes. None of the state funded schools are specifically faith based.

Freedom of expression, advocacy of humanist values

While Monaco doesn’t have any blasphemy law it does have a legal protection against criticism of the ruling family. Article 3 of the state constitution states that “The executive power is exercised by the highest authority of the Prince. The Prince’s persona is inviolable.”

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