Last Updated 16 October 2018

The Federated States of Micronesia is a nation made up of hundreds of islands which are ruled by a parliamentary republic without established political parties.

Systemic Discrimination
Mostly Satisfactory
Free and Equal

Constitution and government

The constitution and government of Micronesia protect religious freedom and ensure religious equality for all. The constitution and other laws and policies protect freedom of thought, conscience and religion, as well as freedom of opinion and expression. These rights are generally respected in practice.

The constitution’s Declaration of Rights forbids the establishment of a state religion or governmental restrictions on freedom of religion.

However, Government functions normally open and close with a prayer, invocation, or benediction from a Protestant or Catholic pastor or lay deacon, and often from one of each.

Education and children’s rights

Religious instruction is absent in public schools, which are secular. The government provides grants to private religious (church-affiliated) schools, which are intended only for activities which are not religious. However, private religious schools may teach religious instruction in addition to the national curriculum.

Family, community and society

We have found no reports of individuals directly discriminated against for irreligiosity. However there are a few concerns about specifically religious prejduices.

Ahmadiyya Muslims in Kosrae State reported in 2018 that they faced slow police responses to incidents of discrimination and vandalism; and some Christians advocated amending the constitution to prohibit the presence of non-Christian religious groups.

Freedom of expression, advocacy of humanist values

The constitution protects freedom of religion against abuse, either by governmental or private actors. The constitution protects freedom of expression and media freedom. And the news media operate freely.

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